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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Click on the link for a message from some of our students.

Think College Thursday -- Go Shockers!



1st Grade loves their new ipads!  Students are using interactive apps for reading and math intervention as well as enrichment.

Getting ready for Middle School! -- Staff from Brooks Middle School visited Spaght 5th graders to share information about Brooks. Applications for magnet schools are due by February 13th.  For more information visit http://magnet.usd259.org/​


The first grade classes participated in a science activity about the effects of oil spills on birds. They experimented with dunking feathers in water, then in a combination of oil and water to replicate what happens to birds when they are involved in an oil spill. Finally, they cleaned the oil coated feathers with soap and toothbrushes to experience how hard feathers are to clean.

4th graders enjoying hands-on learning about waves.

2nd graders in Ms. Schiffel's class got a little gross with science by learning how their body makes mucus, or snot. Students mixed protein (gelatin) with sugar (corn syrup). The result? Strands of stringy "snot." That's when you need to blow your nose. 

Spaght students Robert Evans, Serenity Moore, Diamond Mullins, Amari Reed, Yuliana Huerta, and Travon Rose (not in the picture) performed with the Northeast Area Honor Choir on January 27th! After only 3 weeks of rehearsal they memorized five songs and one of them was in French! They did a fantastic job representing Spaght and sharing their talents. Amari Reed and Robert Evans were also selected to move on to the 5th Grade All City Honor Choir and will be performing with the choir at Century II at the end of February!  Thank you, Mrs. Todd and students, for representing Spaght so well!
Teaching Kindergarten for 100 days sure does age the teachers!  
Happy 100th Day of School!

Congratulations to the five winners of our 1st Annual Science Fair.  These individuals and teams will be representing Spaght Science & Communications Magnet at the Wichita Regional Science Fair at Exploration Place.

Our 1st Annual Science Fair judging is underway!  Thank you judges!
Kindergarten classes hosted special guests to help them understand how people can communicate using visual signs and facial expressions. Christine Maynard and Paige Hale, deaf students from Southeast High School read-by signing-the book Moses Goes to a Concert. Moses and his school friends are deaf, but the kindergartners discover they can enjoy things like them, just differently with their other senses. Other special guests for the morning were James Clark, Southeast Teacher of the Deaf, Brandi Hoppock and Kelly Adams, Interpreters at Southeast, and Veronica Frambers, Supervisor of Interpreting Services.

Another Mystery Motivator won today by students meeting Spaght's Guidelines for Success!  Twenty-nine students raced through the halls on scooters while classmates cheered them on. What an exciting way to start the day!

Blood oranges?  What's a blood orange?  Ask a Spaght student they can tell you thanks to our participation in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.  Each week students have the opportunity to try a new fruit and vegetable. 

All Spaght 5th graders are participating in the Wichita Regional Science and Engineering Fair. They are doing research to increase their understanding of their science fair entries and conducting experiments. The students pictured are testing the effect of slow verus fast tempo music on heart rate while the others are working on research. Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade are also learning about the Scientific process and applying it to experiments.

The Madrigals from East High School performed holiday songs for the 5th grade.

Classmates were excited to celebrate our newest 3rd grader's first snow.  Although he learned about snow before moving to Wichita from Sri Lanka, this is the first time he has seen snow. Even snow that quickly turns to sleet is exciting when it is your first snow!  Welcome to Spaght and winter in Wichita.
10...9...8...7...5th graders saw history made as they watched the splashdown of NASA's Orion spacecraft. "Cool! Awesome!" was the reaction of the students. "I thought it was really cool that we got to see it splash down live" said Kadie. Meanwhile, Trustin, Braelee, Lizbeth, and Aleyda talked about how Orion will some day travel to an asteroid and then to Mars. Each student received information about Orion that included a paper model.

2nd Graders explored sound waves and and vibrations through experiments with water, different sized cups, rubber bands,string and metal hangers.

 Turkey Disguise Challenge --  2nd grade students in Mrs. Brandyberry's and Ms. Sykes' classes connected with other USD259 classrooms using the Polycom video conferencing system. Students at each school created a turkey disguise then wrote a description of their disguise. The teachers exchanged the student-created descriptions with their partner classroom at the other school. After recreating their penpal's turkey based on the written description, students connected via Polycom to read their descriptions. 

Spaght Science and Communications Magnet Facebook page is another source of information and updates about the great things that are happening at our school. Stay connected with announcements about events and initiatives taking place. Thanks for being part of the Spaght community!


Students and staff raised $656.31 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Mrs. Akui's 1st grade class raised the most money-- $109.87.  Thank you Mrs. Paula Meirowsky for coordinating this project and to everyone who helped Spaght make a difference.

Over 220 students and family members enjoyed Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics themed activities at Spaght's STEM Land on November 18. Twelve stations provided games and experiences related to STEM principles.  The event was held in cooperation with Exploration Place.


We made our fundraising goal of $1500 so Mr. Mitchell got slimed!!!

5th Grade students spent the morning whale watching in Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park with Ranger Steve. The trip from Wichita to Alaska was made possible by Spaght's Polycom system with the help of Technology Integration teacher, Sheryl Wenzl. Other virtual field trips are planned throughout the school year giving students the opportunity to communicate and learn from experts all over the world.


Kindergarten students enjoyed a visit from a Wichita Police Department K9 officer. Students listened to a presentation about the training and use of police dogs. Following that, they watched the police dog "work" as it searched the cafeteria to locate a suitcase containing a target item.  Afterwards, the kindergartners were able to ask questions.


"Mystery motivators allow the whole school to recognize and celebrate students who follow our guidelines for success. When the guidelines for success are followed, students are able to learn. The environment is safe & orderly, and students are excited to be here!" --Laura Drouhard, Assistant Principal.

Bunnies, Lizards, Snakes, and Tadpoles!  OH MY!

If you visit a 2nd grade classroom at Spaght, you might encounter one of these creatures. Animals in the classroom are a great way for students to learn about life cycles and animal behavior. Currently, 2nd graders are learning about how things change over time and are observing the different stages of the tadpole as it changes into a frog.
Spaght 3rd graders helped film an information video for the Sedgwick County Zoo. When finished, the video will be used to provide information for visiting groups' chaperones. Students read their scripts from a teleprompter app on the IPad.  After the filming, the students thoroughly enjoyed seeing the animals. Said one student about the giraffes, "They're even taller than Mr. Mitchell!"
Happy S.T.E.M. Career Day!

There's a whole lot of wiggling going on in kindergarten!

Kindergarten students explored how worms burrow, stretch, and shrink through scientific inquiry and communication with peers.


1st Grade students just completed a 3-part habitat study.  First, they explored habitat boxes on loan from the Sedgwick County Zoo.to discover what might be found in different habitats.  Next, while on a field trip to the zoo, students enjoyed a presentation and activities to help them learn how animals adapt to their habitat. Finally, after the zoo trip, students collaborated to make habitat displays.

3rd grade team of engineers
look on as Exploration Place science educator uses a fan to simulate how their self-made structure might hold up to the force of a tornado.


4th Grade students in the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program work together to research and create PowerPoint presentations about U.S. symbols.

2nd Grade Students looking good in the new Spaght lab coats.  The lab coats are available for student use during science activities in the classroom.

Preschool Pumpkin Palooza -- A.M. and P.M. Preschoolers enjoyed a trip to a pumpkin patch followed by math and science activities with pumpkins.  
Copy and paste the link into your browser to see the Pumpkin Palooza video. https://animoto.com/play/qB1JL8yMN3mQ7l6DmChLrQ

Kindergarten students had an amazing Polycom lesson about Hissing Cockroaches. Polycom is a video conferencing system that lets students interact with people all over the world. Many of our students got up close and personal with the little...err BIG bugs! 

5th Grade Research Presentations

After working with other students to research significant inventions such as the light bulb, cameras, televisions, and  radios, 5th grade students presented the information to classmates. After each presentation classmates offered positive and corrective feedback regarding content and delivery.  It is hard speaking in front of classmates, but students look forward to improving their public speaking skills.
Spaght 3rd Graders were guests at Northeast Magnet High School's Magnet Day on October 15. Students learned about chemical reactions by launching rockets powered by the reaction of baking soda and vinegar, suited up in real firefighter gear, and got to try doing CPR, taking blood pressure, and listening to their heartbeat with a stethoscope. After rotating through these stations and more, students became the jury in a court case with the 3 Bears and Goldilocks. After deliberating, the students found Goldilocks guilty of bad manners! Thank you to the Law and Science Magnets of Northeast High School for a great learning experience!
Copy and paste this link in your browser to see the video. https://animoto.com/play/0p7ta5HuRAHuV5DsM0mmuA

Stormy Weather
3rd graders worked together to construct a home that will withstand the stormy Kansas elements. This is just one of the many STEM-related educational opportunities offered at Spaght in cooperation with Exploration Place. 

Spaght is on the News! 
To see the WPS-TV spotlight on Spaght, click on the link below.  Or, go to http://wpstv.usd259.org​ to see all the stories featured in the October 10 issue of WPS-TV Spotlight. 



Congratulations to Mrs. Cook's Kindergarten class and Mrs. Baker's 3rd grade class for receiving the Attendance Award. This week Mrs. Cook's class had an average attendance of 95% and Mrs. Baker's class attendance was over 96%!  The students were surprised with certificates for free ice cream at Chik-fil-A, pencils, stickers, and a visit from our school mascot, Sam E. Spaght. Be at school everyday! Maybe your class will be next!
4th Grade Bridge Building

National Literacy Day Assembly, September 23 --
We were HAPPY to celebrate National Literacy Month with our special guests Kenya Cox, Marci Hawks, Melody Miller McCray and,Jean Pouncil. Thank you for supporting literacy at Spaght!  

Kindergarten student, Keith, ready to unscramble a book title with a little help from our special guests
4th grader, Neya, and special guest, Jean Pouncil
Melody Miller McCray and student
Marci Hawks with 2nd grader, Quintorrion
Kenya Cox and student
       Next time you visit Spaght, be on the lookout for
Sam E. Spaght! 
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